CJNY Advisory Board

The folks who share their wisdom

Midwest Region

Cheryl Graves Community Justice for Youth Institute Chicago, IL
Jonathan Peck   Chicago Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Juvenille Justice System Chicago, IL

Northeastern Region

Clinton Lacey Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services Districf of Columbia
Daniel Elby Alternative Rehabilitative Communities Harrisburg, PA
Grace Bauer Justice for Families Washington, DC
Kyung Ji Kate Rhee Institute for Juvenile Justice Reform & Alternatives Brooklyn, NY
Mallory  Consultant New York, NY
Ruben Austria Community Connections for Youth New York, NY

West Region

Brian Stewart Seattle, WA
Chris Bufford Black Youth Project 100 Bay Area Chapter Oakland, CA
Michael Ware Black Parent Initiative Portland, OR
Tshaka Barrows W. Haywood Burns Institute Oakland, CA