Core Values

  1. Children cannot be rehabilitated when housed in cages.
  2. All young people deserve to be treated equally and fairly by the systems that serve them.
  3. All young people have a voice that should be heard and included in the decision – making processes that impact their lives.
  4. To protect and improve the lives of young people of color and poor children, we must intentionally engage their communities.
  5. Most young people in trouble with the law are best served by alternatives to incarceration.
  6. The process of making change and achieving fairness and equity for youth of color and poor children must be one that is intentionally inclusive of many voices by convening traditional adversaries and creating an environment that is respectful of divergent views.
  7. When young people of color and poor children are provided with sufficient resources, guidance, support, safety, and positive interventions, they can fulfill their potential as contributing members of their communities.
  8. A data-driven approach is essential to address systemic issues that involve race.