The Pensive Reflections of the Folks on the Ground

Youth Fighting 4 Justice Mixtape!

Earlier this year, youth artists from Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee were discussing similarities in the hell they catch from the police, courts, and even public school systems. They decided to use their art and voices as a tool for change and collaborated on a free, spoken word and Hip Hop mixtape release entitled “Youth Fighting 4 Justice”. The original songs tell true stories about young adults going through the justice system, being affected by the police state and the need for creative community alternatives. “Youth Fighting 4 Justice” Mixtape, Vol 1 features a compilation of previously unreleased tracks by some of the Midwest’s most impactful youth and family servicing agencies that actively use creative arts to engage youth in social justice and community building including Chicago based organizations Kuumba Lynx, Elephant Rebellion and Free Write Literacy. The project also includes Milwaukee based program TRUE Skool and Detroit based organization Emergence Media. Sheldan Wilbon, a multi-skilled vocalist, dancer, producer and DJ from TRUE Skool further explains the effort. “For me, this Mixtape is about balance. It’s about calling out what is wrong and also building up what is right. Projects like this mixtape bring joy to our communities and performances like the one we will do Saturday night bring everyone a sense of peace and positive energy. More Youth Fighting 4 Justice mixtape installments are already in the works.” Check out the next CJNY Newsletter for more including interviews with the young artists and check out the mixtape here:     ...