Programs and Services

Technical assistance and Peer-to-peer exchanges

CJNY staff either  directly assists CJNY member organizations or connects member organizations to experts who have skills in particular areas of need. In the past, we have done organization development, juvenile justice 101 workshops, organizing trainings, youth development trainings, data coachups, etc.

Peer exchanges are an opportunity provided by CJNY for members to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with each other. They allow for member organizations to connect to other network members and share expertise in different areas, which  furthers collaboration, increases support and builds strong relationships.

Task Forces

CJNY helps communities create a local task force, equipping them with critical information about the juvenile justice system through trainings, innovative curriculum, and support to organize against their local Rail to Jail. The task force is a collective of local community members, service providers, advocates, organizers, parents and youth who commit to holding their system accountable for racial and ethnic disparities. Task Force members use local data to build strategies to reduce the number of youth of color in their juvenile justice system.


As CJNY continued its rounds of regional conferences and trainings, a growing number  of member organizations requested materials such as curriculums and toolkits to further their training and capacities.


CJNY has organized 3 National Conferences and 11 Regional Conferences to date. All CJNY member organizations are offered financial support to be able to attend CJNY Regional Conferences.These are spaces where different organizations doing similar work in juvenile justice sector can get together to  build relationships, as well as form analysis on current issues surrounding juvenile justice both regionally and nationally with the goal of collective action.