tts-frontJulie Through the System

Julie Through the System provides participants with a greater understanding of how youth are processed through the juvenile justice system as well as an understanding of terminology specific to the juvenile justice system. Participants walk through the process of arrest to incarceration as “Julie,” a young woman who is arrested after remaining at a bus stop where an altercation broke out. Participants must make decisions along the way that affect how deeply within the juvenile justice system they are processed.

tts-frontHistory Curriculum

CJNY has compiled the little-known history of the justice system’s treatment of youth of color.Spanning the years 1500-2007, our popular education curriculum Youth and the U.S. Justice System: Our Histories, Our Future is designed for participants to understand the historical developments surrounding the treatment of youth. Participation in this training will allow youth to personally interpret these developments and gain a deep personal understanding of where the system has been and is today. Though intensive, the curriculum is easily tailored to organizational needs; it can be adapted to groups with as few as 6 participants or as many as 60. It can be used over the course of days, weeks or even months. This curriculum caters to non-traditional learning styles.

tts-frontTask Force Curriculum

Coming Soon! CJNY is excited to announce we will have a public version of our Task Force guide out soon! For more information on the work of any of these Task Forces or the Task Force guide please contact CJNY staff person Tracy Benson.

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