Technical Assistance

What services can we offer you?

Peer to Peer TA

Exchange, trade, or swap of information and or resources between CJNY member groups, individuals, and or affiliates.

  • Accessibility to relevant workshops, trainings, and or events that occur as a result of CJNY relationships or activities
  • Informal meeting (virtual/in person) between CJNY member groups with a focus on CJNY related activities
  • Informal exchange of resources: brochures, internal/external operations manuals, leaflets, workshops, trianings, grant info, press releases, fact sheets, program plans, etc.


Exchange, trade, or swap of information and or resources from CJNY staff to CJNY member groups, individuals, and or affiliates.

  • Practical, procedural, or methodological assistance given directly to a CJNY member group.
  • Field visit from CJNY Staff: trainings, workshops, events, speaking engagmeents, strategy sessions, etc.

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Types of Help

Restorative Justice

Circle Practice, Conflict Resolution, Alternatives to Suspension, Expulsion, and Incarceration, etc.

Program Development

Assessing programs according to the needs of your constituency. Examples include, but are not limited to: alternative education, gang intervention, violence prevention, job readiness, gender specific, parent-led, LGBT specific, court diversion, culturally relevant, restorative justice, cross over youth

Organizational Infrastructure

Staff Development, policies and procedural development and accountability, etc.

Youth Empowerment

Effective models of leadership development and retention

Organizational Development

Capacity Assessment, Strategic Planning, Infrastructure Development


Spearheading campaigns, coalition building, ally involvement, base building, youth empowerment, direct actions, civic engagement, outreach, etc.

Public Policy

Taking a position on public policy, attending public forums and hearings, testifying before elected officials, working with public officials to create positive public policies that work for youth, etc…

Funding Sources

Identifying funding sources: local-city, state, federal, foundations, private donations, corporations, nonprofit sustainability.

Resource Management

Methods for nonprofit budgeting; finance management, grassroots fundraising, event planning, etc.

Organizational Growth

Nonprofit management and sustainability

Efficacy Assessment

Assessment procedures and tools

Task Force Development and Sustainability – Task Force Readiness Assessment, implementation of the TF model, system mapping, base building, inside/outside strategy development, TF sustainability.

Curriculum Development

Creation of culturally relevant, youth focused popularized, socially conscious learning modules and trainings.